Help Build The New Islamic Centre (Mosque)!

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

“The Mosques of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day; perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat and fear none but Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance.” (At-Tawbah 9:18)

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam! Assalamu alaykum!
Indeed the Hamilton and Stoney Creek Muslims nowadays are blessed to be the ones who are chosen by the Almighty to perform this Imarah (Building and maintaining) the new Islamic Center.

The new center is needed to accommodate the growth of our community. The number of our members, for example, who attend the Friday Prayer, has grown and our numbers continue to grow.

The current facilities are extremely limited in their accommodations to the services that BIC of Hamilton provides. BIC of Hamilton is no longer just a Mosque for prayers; BIC of Hamilton now serves as an Islamic Center to accommodate many of the needs of the community members.

We invite you to be part of the VAQIFS-DONORS of the new Islamic Center Building. We ask you to join this caravan of members who are investing in a Continuous Charity that will yield bounties of good deeds every time a person prays there, or makes a supplication or learns a verse of the Quran or a saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Your support is paramount to the success of this project; to YOUR own success, to YOUR community success and to YOUR children and offspring’s success.

The least you can make Dua, supplication to Allah that he ease our work, and provide us the means to complete His House. Ameen.



The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:
“Whoever built the Mosque, with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah would build for him similar in paradise.”

Dear brothers & sisters in Islam,
We invite our brothers and sisters in Islam. This is an opportunity to show your reverence to Almighty Allah. Let us join hands and help in building the Mosque and Islamic Centre in Stoney Creek and bring Glory to our Beloved Allah.

Show you care now. It Can Happen;

BIC of Hamilton is a non-profit organization thus we need all the support we could get from our brothers and sisters in Islam. Please extend your kindness and help us build a place of worship that will be beneficial to each and every Muslim especially in the Stoney Creek area.

Islamic Centre of Hamilton is appealing to all Brothers and Sisters in Islam, locally and internationally to help and financially support the construction of the ONE and ONLY Mosque and Islamic Centre in the Stoney Creek, Canada.

After so many years, an opportunity to build a place of worship for the Muslim community has come. Thus we urge all Muslims to support help and get involved and do charity work for the betterment of mankind. Take part in giving back the glory to the Almighty Allah as we build Him a humble House together and we will all be blessed with each generous and charitable deed.

Believe it can happen. Let’s work together and make it happen for our Beloved Allah SWT.
Give your donation by mail:

Mailing Address:
BIC of Hamilton
P.O. Box 56073
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8G 5C9

Contact Telephone Number: (905)-662-3678

BIC Hamilton will soon start accepting secure online donations – please visit for more updates.