Commemorating 3 Decades of Heritage

Commemorating 3 Decades of Bosnian Canadian Heritage

This September marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Bosnian Islamic Association – Gazi Husrev Beg in Toronto (BIAGH). This association was founded as a community to provide and cater to the religious and cultural needs of the Bosnian Muslim community in Southern Ontario, primarily those in the Greater Toronto Area.

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate this milestone with us and to find out about current and upcoming events being held at our centre. This event will also provide community members the opportunity to meet and talk with members of the BIAGH board.

As part of this celebration there will be a dinner and lunch served on September 21st. If you have any comments, concerns or messages please post them below.

Please don’t hesitate to spread the news of this event and invite people to come as there will be people coming from all over Ontario. Further details will be coming soon so be sure to come back to this page as we are approaching this anniversary.