Buy Food, Help The Masjid

Buy Food, Help The Masjid

As-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh;

Some of our Sisters are organizing food sale after Jumu’ah prayers, the proceeds of which will go to the Islamic Centre-Masjid. The food sale starts, immediately after Jumu’ah prayers, Insha-Allah. Please come to Jumu’ah ready to buy your lunch at the masjid – cash only, no cards. COST: $5

Request for Volunteers

Obviously the organizers cannot do it alone. They are welcoming volunteers who would like to sign up and cook for some Fridays. Please make the following contacts if you are interested in participating:


Contact Sister: Edina Fetic (905) 319-7817 or Fehima Topalovic (905) 573-8462


Contact Brother: Rizvan Huskic (905) 664-9323 or Imam Ismail (905) 662-3678

We pray that Allah greatly rewards the organizers and all the potential volunteers. Ameen

Jazakumullahu khair